Hello, I am Triana. I am
I was born on December 14th 2014, at 9:51PM in United States. My weight and height are only visible by my guests.

Launching BabyTriana

Saturday, July 29, 2017Pablo
Triana welcomes you
When Triana was born she inspired me to create her own website -www.pequenatriana.com-. That original idea grew into a much bigger project, creating a service to parents of babies and small children so they can create their own personalized and feature-rich websites for their children.

After months of hard work and reduced sleep I am very excited to present you with BabyTriana.com. BabyTriana has officially launched! We have already tons of features like the blog, picture and video galleries, the flip book -which I love-, the real time baby age-teller, etc.
It is a social tool, so you can tag friends to your blogs or picture galleries, or your friends can sign up for updates on your baby site. For the Facebook fans, you can post links with site updates on your FB wall directly from here.

And if you’re concerned about privacy, just make your site private so only your friends and family can view it.

If you have small children I invite you to use it. Even if you don't have children, but have a Facebook account, I encourage you to like it (just click on the like button on the right top corner of this page) and share it with your friends. My best marketing strategy is through Facebook (that is through you) so whether you have children or not your recommendation will go a long way.

Thank you for reading. Please come back soon.

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