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Summer is for riding

Saturday, April 27, 2013Pablo
From the top of Jamestown
We're ready to ride!

Since our return from Spain Triana and I have collectively taken on a new sport, cycling. It was new for her obviously, but not for me. Long gone are the days when I used to train for hours day-in day-out so I would be ready to compete in the Colorado hill climb races and half-ironman duathlons. But while the racing days are gone for now, I have found a way to keep riding.

While mama is at school or studying at home —which lately is most of the time— we go on our bike rides. Some times it’s an easy ride along the Longmont bike paths, some times for long and mostly flat rides, while other times we challenge ourselves to climb up to Jamestown. Eight miles of fairly easy climbing in normal conditions that are particularly difficult when you are pulling a trailer with Triana inside.

There are some splendid perks to riding on this fashion:

  1. Triana has super-tanned legs that are the envy of her own mother. FYI, we use lots of sunscreen if you were worried about that.
  2. Much more intense workout than riding on a carbon-fiber bike. My poor (figuratively) bikes are probably missing me.
  3. Receiving respectful salutes from impressed riders glancing at us, perhaps admiring also what a good time Triana and I are having on our ride.
  4. Spending time with your daughter doing one the things you like the most. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

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  • Melisa D. said ...
    over 7 years ago
    Pablo - I love it! As Jack always used to say, "faster dada, faster."