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I was born on December 3rd 2017, at 10:59AM in United States. My weight and height are only visible by my guests.

Blog Entries for November 2010


Triana is an avid reader

Wednesday, December 9, 2009Pablo

As the attached picture proves, Triana is an excellent reader at the early age of 6 months. She is interested in all kind of texts, but her favorite read -as shown in the picture- is Business Week. Which is extraordinarily impressive, as we try to speak to her only in Spanish, but she reads indistinctly in both Spanish and English.

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A little mover!

Sunday, March 6, 2016Alicia

Triana is doing so many new things these days. She can now sit on her own (albeit a little wobbly), roll from one side of the blanket to another, eat her toes, eat solid food, and speak her first syllable (bah, bah). The days of leaving her on a blanket and coming back to her being in the same spot are over. ...